Wednesday, May 4, 2016

F*cked Up Donald’: Punk legends, D.O.A. eviscerate Trump

from Dangerous Minds:

Active since 1978, Vancouver’s punk stalwarts D.O.A. are still as pissed off as ever. The group, led by Joey “Shithead” Keithley, remain quite active both musically and politically and are set to release a new single, an ode to one Donald J Trump, titled “Fucked Up Donald.”

The song is a reworking of their 1981 indictment of Ronald Reagan, “Fucked Up Ronnie,” which appeared on their Positively EP and on the Bloodied But Unbowed singles compilation album. Even THAT song was a re-working of a song called “Fucked Up Baby” that Keithly wrote in 1977 for his earlier band The Skulls. The original “Fucked Up Ronnie” is one of D.O.A.‘s most classic songs and this new updated version is just as ripping as the original—like so much so that it actually took me aback a bit.

The 85 second hardcore admonition takes the Donald to task for his anti-Mexican and anti-woman stances as well as his disastrous ideas on foreign policy, and is just an all-around killer slab of meaty punk.

According to the band, they “slammed this frantic piece of ‘Let’s fight this bullshit!’ down in 15 minutes flat” with producer Cecil English (No Means No, D.O.A., Jello Biafra, The Smalls). Cut the shit and start the pit, eh?

The B-side of the single is slated to be D.O.A.‘s cover of Barry McGuire’s immortal and still quite timely, “Eve of Destruction.”

Check out this Dangerous Minds exclusive premier of “Fucked Up Donald”:


And for old-time’s-sake, here’s the original “Fucked Up Ronnie”:



Find more info on D.O.A. at Joe Keithley’s record label website, Sudden Death Records.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

FOUNDING FATHERS narrated by Chuck D

A factual report about unsung DJ's who contributed to the foundational principals of the music known today as Hip Hop. This documentary transports you to a journey back to the early underground disco days of the streets and parks throughout New York City.

Monday, May 2, 2016

School of Life Monday:
The Weakness of Strength

from The School of Life

When people close to us annoy us, and we wonder why we allowed them into our lives, we should draw vital comfort from a theory known as The Weakness of Strength.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ruby Roth has a new book!

Wish your kids would eat healthier? Try letting them help themselves!

The best way to teach children healthy eating habits is to involve them in the process.

Help Yourself presents 60+ irresistible recipes kids will beg to make themselves! Bursting with full-color photos, humor, Ruby’s charming illustrations, cute animal characters, and cool facts (did you know your brain actually shrinks when you’re dehydrated? Drink water, quick!), Help Yourself empowers children* to take charge of their own nutrition—for now and for life!

*Help Yourself also makes a great gift for busy/lazy adults.


Is this book for vegan kids only?
Help Yourself is absolutely made for all kids to enjoy, regardless of current eating habits...the recipes just happen to be plant-based!

Will picky eaters like these recipes?
Everything about this book is specially designed to excite and engage kids, even the pickiest of eaters. The pictures are inspiring and the directions encourage taste-testing, making it irresistible for kids to try their own creations...and it works! The feedback from parents has been amazing—kids are getting into the kitchen and making and tasting things they never thought they would—and asking for seconds, no less!

I like this book, but I'm an that weird?
No! This is a kids book, but mostly in name and ease! It's a great gift for busy/lazy adults, or really anyone who likes simple, natural, easily accessible whole-food ingredients and recipes that can be made in minute

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sanders Will Rock The Convention and Create A Third party

not sure I agree with all this, but certainly an interesting piece...

from the political analyzer:
Sanders has lost the race for the Nomination, and they will be useless future victories in Indiana, Oregon and California.

Bernie has two months to prepare for the assault on the Democratic National Convention and seven months to create a new party, to give a home to millions of American voters, and win the next Presidential Election.

He has to question the nature of the Democratic Party, disassemble the Clintonism and overcome without fear the eight years of Barack Obama.

At this point of the race it should be starting from the mistakes that Sanders has committed to avoid mistakes in the future: 1. He must place a tombstone on the remaining Neoliberalism in its electoral manifesto and in his narration; 2. He must to harshly criticize the bond that the last two Democratic Presidents have had with the unbridled Capitalism; 3. He must return the United States to be a Democracy on the same wavelength of the statements of former President Jimmy Carter; 4. He must begin to speak to the lower classes and abandon the bourgeois narration of the Middle-Class, which led to Clintonism-Blairism; 5. He must carry the Democratic people to the Democratic Party of the origins, to FDR, since the Great Recession that the West has lived since 2008 with the same causes of the Great Depression of 1929: The Deregulation; 6. He must start again from the European Socialism model of sixties without the fear of being accused of populism considered that socialism is healthy populism for excellence; 7. He must work on the language of the Media, the Republicans and the current Democratic Party; 8. He doesn’t propose any cultural revolution but to give the right meaning to the words; 9. He must ‘frighten’ the American people about the seriousness of global warming and the risk of an epochal disaster; 10. He must ‘terrorize’ voters about the prospects of the American economy that increasingly into debt and lost tax revenue because of the large multinationals; 11. He must, in short, sensitize and inform Americans about the seriousness of the historical period we are living; 12. He must make a winning impose of the idea of pacifism reminding the electorate the number of victims caused by the wars which were attended by the United States since the Second World War; 13. He should remind Americans that the United States can not afford 230 years of wars; 14. He must impose the vision that military spending can not be equal to the 90% of World Military Spending; 15. He must urge the Americans to change the modus vivendi and to allocate part of Military Spending in Welfare, Redistribution of Wealth, the Fight against Poverty, the Right to Education; 16. He must start from the last financial deregulation; 17. He should demolish the positivity of the concept of Trickle-Down Economy and Reaganomics; 18. He must rebuild the USA Brand in order to allow the Rest of the World to look at the Country with kindness and admiration rather than fear and hate; 19. He must make the United States the most prosperous Country in the World and not just the richest; 20. He must succeed where Obama has failed in countering the spread of conflict in the Middle East and North Africa, the further impoverishment of the most vulnerable groups, the continued thinning of the Middle-Class, continued economic growth of 1% population, the real unemployment.

From this criticisms:
1. He must found a new party that includes all the Progressive Forces;
2. He must rebuild the Global Progressivism from dialogue with the anti -Neoliberalism Socialist Parties of Western;
3. He must deepen the dialogue with Pope Francis;
4. He must reduce the number of American troops abroad;
5. He must unmask Donald Trump and present it to the American people as an integral part of the establishment;
6. He must be argued that Trump is actually the new version of the Good Old Party;
7. He must pass the frame that the Good Old Party is trying to put a stop to its decline by presenting at the Presidential Elections in a similar way to the European Social-Right Parties;
8. He must explain to the Americans that the Social-Right is an oxymoron and therefore doesn’t exist;
9. He must, rather, speak convincingly to all those Republicans who still remember the former Candidate to the Presidency John McCain, which is doing so much at the Congress with Elizabeth Warren to restore the Glass-Steagall Bill;
10. He – once abandoned the Democratic Party – should avoid confrontation with Clinton considered that his electorate is either monolithic both minority and try to steal votes from her would mean to lose votes from within;
11. He must ignore Clinton and talk to the 43% of Independents who are just waiting for answers;
12. He must establish a new relationship with the African American Community not exclusively based on sporadic endorsments by some famous people;
13; He must make an alliance with the Hispanic Community about their safety and the possibility of entering the United States;
14. He must imagine a Country increasingly multiethnic that can do the cultural synthesis the trump card at the global level;
15. He must make one of the two American continents, starting from friendship close at Vatican City with Evo Morales;
16. He must re-introduce the goodness of the concept of State and cite, for example, Bill Gates regarding ineptitude of private in dealing with the key issues;
17. He must return to give luster to the Unions and push American workers to unite themeselves and to have more and more say in the matter;
18. He must persuade Americans that monetary policy is not a solution to the economic problems but a great opportunity to further enrichment by the American Banking System that in this way impoverish global finance and the rest of World;
19. He should load of responsibility the Americans claimings a better America creates a better World;
20. He must restore hope, dream, memory, beauty, and a good dose of intake awareness to the American people, and promise a second New Deal without the Third World War.

Monday, April 25, 2016

School of Life Monday:
Franz Kafka

from The School of Life

Franz Kafka is a guide to some very dark feelings most of us know well concerned with powerlessness, self-disgust and anxiety. This literary genius turned the stuff of nightmares into redemptive, consoling art.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Undeniable Music Business Revolutionary

Everyone's gotta say something, they should say something.

He was a revolutionary in so many ways working within and without the major record business, his output was prolific in both style and hits. Undeniable.

"Albums. Remember those? Albums still matter.
Like books and black lives, albums still matter."

- Prince, 2015 Grammys

Back in the early 80s during hardcore punks golden age, an ex-girlfriend asked me if I'd accompany her to see Prince and the Revolution at the Forum in Los Angeles on the "Purple Rain" tour. One would hope that a punk would have an open mind to other music, but at the time when it was all still kinda new, we all were pretty loyal to our "punk thing" and didn't listen to much else for a period of a few years there. Honestly. But by this time I had re-instated AC/DC and Zeppelin back into my car stereo on occasion and was listening to some of the early Hip Hop tapes that floated to me from Brooklyn. At this point Prince was some pop shit, could I even allow myself to go? To be seen at a Prince concert in a huge venue? Well I was being a nice guy at least and accompanied my friend, so what the fuck, might as well. To my surprise it turned out to quite an impressive event, and not only was I not embarrassed, I wore it like a badge of honor: I went into the belly of the pop beast and was able to be blown away and respect it! It was pretty incredible.

Some years later living back in New York City, we heard that Prince was gonna do a little after party thing at NELL's, the "velvet rope" hot spot of the mid 80s in NYC, Hip Hop was blowing up, Def Jam was ruling, so of course my friends and I had entrée to all the best spots, so we were there all the time, closing the place down half the nights of the week. We were "locals" and we were sitting in the "restaurant area" where they would sometimes have a small jazz type band play, no raised stage, just an area by the wall in the middle of the tabled area. This one night we happened to get a small table near the front, just hanging out eating french fries, not even sure if the shit was gonna go down, then all of a sudden the band walked in the front door and went directly to the instruments, a very modest "night club lounge" set-up is how I'd describe it... with Prince himself sitting at a small electric piano so close I remember he could have reached over and plucked some fries from my plate, in fact he may have, but you can't hold me to that and I'm not gonna say for sure that I remember if he did or not, but something made me remember all these years later that he for sure could have... needless to say he and his band killed it! And this was after playing Madison Square Garden just a few hours earlier. That motherfucker was real. Much Respect.

Later on in the club I saw Prince cruising around with his bodyguards in tow, dwarfing the man with six inch heels and canary-colored jumpsuit. I stepped to him and thanked him for the incredible performance and he batted his eyelashes and nodded thanks back.

Another huge creative loss.

Not the typical favorite of most, but one of mine.