Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Behind Public Option

obviously this "public option" is not going far enough for me. i think we need to scrap all the insurance companies and go Single Payer as you all know if you've been reading. But that said, i do like how Robert Reich explains what he and the president are talking about these days.


  1. It's not Rubin, it's Robert Reich, former Clinton Labor Secretary who I think teaches at UC Berkeley now. He's also on Blogger. He also essentially reads one of his blog posts each week on Marketplace, a PRI broadcast that plays locally here in Austin on KUT.

    I think Rubin was a Treasury Secretary.

  2. DUH, my stupid mistake, i always liked Riech, i guess i was talking with Rick Rubin on e-mail as i was posting this, or just was too tired. thanks for bringing the STUPID MISTAKE to my attention. Updated now.