Friday, October 9, 2009

"Spray Paint The Walls"
the BLACK FLAG story
by Stevie Chick

Finally a biography of Black Flag, the most important band of my generation. Here's an advance peek of the cover proof with my photos. I've got word from a very trustworthy knowledgeable source, who has read an advance galley, that the book (although a few minor inaccuracies) is GREAT.
It's being released in the next month or so, you can advance order it on sale here at Amazon.

There are two small photo sections with some pretty rare and cool stuff, out of the 400+ pages of the book. Here are two more of mine (out of 8 or so you'll also see inside).


  1. Finally is right. I'm surprised there hasn't been a BF book already. No surprise at all that your photos are awesome.

  2. ordered !
    thank you for the link.

  3. I just read it. It's a great book: A comprehensive, well researched, fun to read history of Black Flag and it's many incarnations. It's a pleasure read to read a rock biography on a semi-obscure band (e.g. a band that haven't had books like this written about them already) that is written by a genuine lover of the band and not just some moonlighting music journalist who doesn't really give a shit. I've been a Black Flag fan for many years but without ever really knowing anything about them apart from the Henry Rollins thing. This book taught me just how unique and influential a band Black Flag were.