Saturday, February 20, 2010

An Incredible, Beautiful, Informative Documentary

I just watched the entire movie on line. It's AWESOME.

It's on line once again at YouTube, watch the whole thing free here in HD and hit the button to fill your screen... You won't be disappointed (except perhaps in those humans who refuse to care or do anything to change.)

We are living in exceptional times. Scientists tell us that we have 10 years to change the way we live, avert the depletion of natural resources and the catastrophic evolution of the Earth's climate.

The stakes are high for us and our children. Everyone should take part in the effort, and HOME has been conceived to take a message of mobilization out to every human being.

For this purpose, HOME needs to be free. A patron, the PPR Group, made this possible. EuropaCorp, the distributor, also pledged not to make any profit because Home is a non-profit film.

HOME has been made for you : share it! And act for the planet.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand (Director)

HOME official website

PPR is proud to support HOME

HOME is a carbon offset movie

More information about the Planet

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