Thursday, November 11, 2010

Watch the entire final Sex Pistols concert from 14 January 1978

from Richard Metzger over at DangerousMinds
The complete final Sex Pistols show at Bill Graham’s Winterland, in San Francisco, 1978. For years all I’d ever seen was the B&W Target Video-shot version of this show, then this improved color version popped up on a quasi-legit Chinese DVD about ten or so years ago. Everyone always rags on their supposed shitty last performance… au contraire, folks, they’re incendiary here.

After this show, the supernova that was the Pistols was no more. Say what you will about John Lydon’s later career, in his youth, the man changed the face of music twice, first with the Sex Pistols and later with Public Image, Ltd. Who else can something like that be said about? Miles Davis is the only person who comes to mind.


  1. Great show. love those Lydon remarks :) a true English gentleman underneath the punk image.

    On another note - the Sex Pistols were a pretty lousy band - they can't play ! seriously, these guys sound awful.

  2. If you thnk the Sex Pistols were a lousy band, youve missed the entire point ! The Sex Pistols were GREAT !!!