Saturday, July 7, 2012

"Check Your Head" out take
- MCA's smile

Of course you're still thinking of Yauch every once in a while, it's only natural, and it's still dreadful at times. But i came across this image of mine today, and please excuse the poor quality, as it's just scanned off an old marked up proof sheet from between the two shots you may be more familiar with ... the cover of Check Your Head was shot #35 on the roll of 36, and i actually stretched the roll to get 37 images out of it. Only 3 of the shots were of them sitting there on the curb. #35 (the 1st one) became the cover as I said, the last un-numbered (37) was my personal pick of the three and was used on the official T-shirt back then - BUT this #36 is a gem now that Adam's gone, check that smile, that's our old friend! #RIPMCA

click on the image to see it bigger


  1. Amazing. Thanks so much for this, Glen. Made my day. RIP MCA.

    - Jay

  2. Talk about a gem of a photo. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for sharing! I still cry... :( The Beastie's have been a fixture in my life for 30yrs. I lost a dear friend, a beautiful friend