Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Stupefied: The Glen E. Friedman Playlist

This playlist I created by request for a playlist blog Stupefaction, just went up, thought i'd share it with y'all.

I thought it would be cool to make one in chronological order...

Hit the YouTube window below the Bob Dylan song and it will play the rest of the playlist. I also added links to some leftover songs down below.

from Stupefied:
"If you’re inspired to do something, if you want to do something, if you have some kind of feeling that you should do something … then you should just do it; don’t let what other people’s preconceived ideas of good behavior, or whatever it is, limit you to thinking what you should and shouldn’t do." - Glen E. Friedman

This week's edition of the Stupefied Playlist© comes to us courtesy of Mr. Glen E. Friedman. Glen is one of my all time favorite photographers: As a teenager, he began shooting skateboarders in the mid-late 70's, and followed that by taking era-defining shots of the nascent hardcore and hip hop scenes - he's always been a music junkie. The great thing is that Glen was the same age as most of his subjects at the time he started - one of us! - and he's never stopped. His work is the perfect visual accompaniment to the musical artists & skateboarders he's shot over the years. Seriously, just hit play, and then open up this slideshow at his website & watch. Pure inspiration! He has so many great shots I won't even begin posting any here as there are too many to choose from.

About putting the playlist together, he said, "To be clear, picking 20 songs to me is a near impossible task [albums would have been much easier], bands that I love [Fugazi & Beastie Boys, to name only two] did not make this particular list - different day would be a different list."

This is obvious from the "extras" list of Glen's I've included below, and I must say, I understand. A huge thanks to Glen for the list.
01. Masters of War - Bob Dylan '63
02. Have Love Will Travel - The Sonics '65
03. Manic Depression - Jimi Hendrix Experience '67
04. I Want You (She's so Heavy) - The Beatles '69
05. 1969 - The Stooges '69
06. Move On Up - Curtis Mayfield '70
07. Let's Start - Fela Ransome Kuti '71
08. Lick and a Promise - Aerosmith '76
09. Teenage Lobotomy - The Ramones '77
10. New Rose - The Damned '77
11. E.S.P. - The Buzzcocks '78
12. California Über Alles - Dead Kennedys '79
13. Garbageman - The Cramps '80
14. Thirsty and Miserable - Black Flag '81
15. In My Eyes - Minor Threat '81
16. Public Enemy #1 - Public Enemy '87
17. Poetry - Boogie Down Productions '87
19. C.R.E.A.M. - Wu-Tang Clan '93
20. We're In This Together - Nine Inch Nails '99

some leftovers
Annalisa - Public Image Limited
Achilles Last Stand - Led Zepplin
He Miss Road - Fela Kuti
Sixteen Again - Buzzcocks
Run-DMC - Live at the Fun House
Cold Gettin' Dumb - Just Ice
Saturday Night - Schooly D.
Verbs of Power - X-Clan
Fools Gold - Stone Roses
Bitch - The Rolling Stones
John Lennon - Imagine

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