Monday, September 16, 2013

It's Official: MY RULES - My Next Book
Will Be Published in Association with Rizzoli International.

I know it's a bit early, but I'm very excited to announce this news here, with some of the details for the first time since starting work on this book project over a year ago, and finally agreeing to the deal with Rizzoli just last week.

The book will be released on the 20th anniversary of FUCK YOU HEROES original publication, in September of 2014.

The new book is going to me called MY RULES. Taking much inspiration from the same title I used for my 1st ever solo publication, I did by myself in 1982 - (MY RULES Photozine, the one and only issue). It's going to be a monster and you are going to LOVE IT! I am sure.

324 pages - 11.5" tall by 13" wide - It will contain the best of both my books FUCK YOU HEROES (out of print for over a year now) and FUCK YOU TOO (out of print for over two years now).

But it won't just be a rehash, because the images will be larger than ever, many as full bleed, and up to 300% of the there originally published size, with scans better than ever, for more detail than ever, for many of the most classic photographs I've ever created. PLUS over 30% of the book will be never before published work (around 100 never seen pic's)!

here's my rough mock up of the cover and spine...

There will also be essays from many of my favorite and most respected and interesting subjects over the years, speaking truths that will blow your mind and inspire you, without a doubt.

Let's leave it at that. I just wanted to make the announcement here and official!

Overseas folks, now you can start hitting up your international arms of books stores and distributors that carry Rizzoli books and see if they will be carrying editions of the book in your country and native language!

The prospects of real international distribution for this monster is very exciting for me, because I know. at times, over the years, my books over seas have been difficult to come by, if not priced higher than what I would have liked due to import and shipping costs.

All my friends and supporters in Italia, Japan, Germany, France, Brazil, Poland, Sweden, Spain, get on on it, I'd love to see it in Italian, Japanese, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, Spanish and MORE!

Any more exciting news I will let you know when it becomes official.

Next thing I plan on sharing will be the actual cover we should have done soon, and before the end of the year we should have some ideas on which territories will have their own editions...

Bloggers and magazine editors please help me spread the word, THANK YOU.

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  1. excellent news!!!!!!!! please please add in some rare SSD pics.