Friday, January 24, 2014

Public Enemy's
"It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back"

I've said it once (before almost anyone else) and I'm happy to say it again, it's the "The Greatest Hip-Hop Album of all time" - was the day it was released, and still is to this day.(No, the fact I took the cover photo has nothing to do with it!)

The densely multilayered nature of Nation of Millions cries out for a deconstruction—preferably one that can be imbibed via the ears. Fortunately, on the Solid Steel Radio Show a few months ago, DJ Moneyshot released a remarkably enjoyable hour-long episode that does precisely that. For anyone who loves the album, the show is a singular treat, nothing less than an aural essay on its sources, of which there are many. Civil rights speeches, immortal soul classics, contemporaneous rap gems, and interviews with the likes of Hank Shocklee are all mixed together, Bomb Squad style, into a delightful stew.

Thanks, Dangerous Minds

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