Friday, May 16, 2014

10 other Things You Probably Didn’t Know
About New York City

50. From 1904 to 1948 there was an 18th Street station on the 4/5/6 line. It’s abandoned now, but you can still see it on local 6 trains. 


51. The narrowest house in NYC is in the West Village: 75 1/2 Bedford Street is just over 9 feet wide. 


52. In 1906, the Bronx Zoo put an African man on exhibit in the monkey house. 
53. Credit card minimums ARE legal in the city. In 2010, Congress passed a law saying up to a $10 minimum was legal.  
54. It would cost about $17,000 to take a cab from NYC to L.A. 
55. In 1922, there was a Straw Hat Riot. It was an unofficial rule in NYC that straw hats weren’t allowed to be worn past Sept. 15, but some unruly kids started snatching people’s hats a few days before that causing an uprising that lasted a few days.
56. Eating a New York bagel is equivalent to eating one-quarter to one-half a loaf of bread. 
57. NYC buries its unclaimed bodies on an island off the coast of the Bronx called Hart Island. Since 1869, nearly a million bodies have been buried there. The island is not open to the public. 

58. There’s a 150-foot-deep hole (15 stories) on Park Avenue between 36th and 37th streets. 
59. The price of a slice of pizza and the cost of a single ride on the subway has been nearly equal for the past 50 years.  
60. The scary nitrogen gas tanks you see on the corners of streets are used to keep underground telephone wires dry. 

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