Sunday, June 29, 2014

Vegan Supermarket Chain to Come to US in 2016

via Ecorazzi
Jan Bredack wasn’t always a passionate vegan. In 2011, the former meat-lover started the world’s first vegan supermarket chain called “Veganz“. Founded in Berlin, Germany, the business venture has proven successful with plans to open dozens of branches across Europe.

In 2009, Bredack turned to veganism after suffering burn-out from a less than balanced life. After changing his lifestyle and ethical code, he wrote the book “Vegan für alle: Warum wir richtig leben sollten” (Veganism for everyone: Why we should live right) to share his transformation with the masses, but that wasn’t where he stopped.

After several trips abroad, the veggie entrepreneur, exposed to vegan products in other countries, decided to open his first store. Bredack says, “The decision to open a vegan supermarket came from a potpourri of ideas after coming across various vegan products in the US and Russia.” He noted that it was difficult to “shop normally” when one adopts a vegan lifestyle, and he wanted to make the switch to veganism more accessible to everyone.

Get excited, Americans! Bredack plans on taking his vegan chain to the United States soon. In 2016, Veganz will open a vegan shopping center in Portland, Oregon, the U.S. vegan homeland.

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