Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Some old portraits recently posted to my instagram

Neil Blender early 80's #skateboarding #artist #abstract #alienworkshop #G&S #Tracker #inspiration #integrity

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GLENN DANZIG circa 1985. We made this photograph sometime after the MISFITS, between SamHain and the start of Danzig. I don't remember the exact reason for doing this session but perhaps Glenn had contacted me to do it since he was getting ready to go solo? We took this roll at my fathers apartment in Fort Lee, NJ on the floor by the kitchen, there was this little carpeted wall with one of those adjustable drafting table type light fixtures attached to the top, so i was able to point it in just the right way for our photographs. One similar to this was used in my FUCK YOU TOO book. Glenn of course was still living in Lodi, NJ at the time, so it was a simple quick evening. It's definitely my favorite solo "Elvis" portrait i made with him. I guess we used to get along pretty well back then, since i introduced him to Rick Rubin around this time and was helpful in getting Chuck Biscuits to be a part of the new project. #DANZIG #misfits #WeAre138 #Mother #20EyesInMyHead #AllHellBreaksLoose #NewJersey #dirtyJerz

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JAM MASTER JAY of Run-DMC (R.I.P.) "Jam Master Jay" Jason Mizell ... Every day without him in this world is our loss. He was a great friend and an awesome talent. The backbone behind Run-DMC, as if you didn't already know. We made this photo the first time i traveled out to Hollis with him back in the fall of 1985. The goal was to shoot RUN-DMC's "photo tour book" for the upcoming "Raising Hell" tour. We did that and more, we got a ton of great stuff this day that you see all over my books... HONOR & RESPECT to the family man, friend, and musician. #jammasterjay #goddamnthatdjmademyday #RUNDMC #rip #friend #DJ #hiphop #integrity #inspiration #oldschool #HollisQueens #NYC #peterpiper #jacksonjaysdick #MyRules #JAYarethelteersofhisname This portrait appears huge in the MY RULES book. In fact Rick Rubin thought it should have been the cover 😬 .

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