Thursday, June 29, 2017

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This photo i made at the 2nd FUCK YOU ALL exhibition in Tokyo. doing some research i believe this is Satoshi KAWAMURA (active and influential Japanese pro in the 80's and 90's), circa 1999 at the Super X Media presentation of my FUCK YOU ALL exhibition, in Shibuya at Space Edge. The space was unique and a cool presentation of the work, next to the gallery there was some skate ramps set up within the space of the same building... SuperX media was a cool magazine i was working with at the time who's owner Takuji Masuda had grand ideals on how a magazine could be produced remotely from all over the globe via the internet. In 1997 this was a novel idea and worked out pretty incredibly, ahead of the curve. In fact they didn't pay me in currency, they got me on line and all my first few years of computer equipment to become an active contributor along with a few other folks including CR Stecyk. The magazine lasted for some years, and a huge hard cover compilation book was made from some of the best articles and other new pieces. Over the years there were some really great stories contributed from all places and varieties of folks. You may be able to find copies of the magazines or the book on line. The publisher "Tak" most recently finished his first feature documentary "BUNKER 77" a look at the peculiar life of the surfer Bunker Spreckles #Bunker77film . We made an article about some skaters in Japan, mostly shot out in the streets and by cool historical sights. This insane wall ride was just at the venue of the show where a heavy session was going down opening day. #skateboarding #inspiration #tokyo #shibuya #SuperXmedia #FuckYouAll #exhibition #photography #FuckYouHeroes #FuckYouToo #SpaceEdge #WallRide #miniramp #Kawamura

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