Saturday, April 28, 2018

New Podcast I did recently with "Missing Words"

In the fifth episode of Missing Words, we sat down with famed photographer Glen E. Friedman

Friedman has created some of the most iconic music, pop culture, and skateboarding photography since the mid-seventies.

His highly referenced books Fuck You Heroes, Fuck You Too, The Idealist, and My Rules showcased and presented worlds that were not being given the spotlight at that time. From Tony Alva to Stacy Peralta; Black Flag to Minor Threat; Bad Brains to Fugazi; Beastie Boys to Public Enemy; and Run-DMC to LL Cool J. His work has only become more influential over time and his style is often replicated but never truly duplicated.

We discussed how to get and process the news in the midst of a non-stop media blitz during Trump and the dangerous of fighting political allies. Also, the tactics and unspoken rules of taking photos at concerts, his life in CA and NYC, and much more.

Check out episode 5 below.


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