Friday, September 7, 2018

Steve Olson at Cherry Hill
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STEVE OLSON @mrolson at SkatePark Cherry Hill.. Undisputed best skatepark of the era. You gotta figure it had to be to get all the greatest skaters in the world at that time to come and ride, in doors, in New Jersey 2hours south of NYC, in a suburb outside of Philadelphia. Olson at the time also indisputable as to his ability in the sport, one of the best all around pool riders there was, proven in the pools and in the dreaded competitions, riding the crown of the park, it's hand crafted Wally Holiday, Egg Bowl. I was forced to finish my last two years of high school not far from where i had left after second grade, in northern new jersey just across the bridge from Manhattan (NYC). As horrible a fate as it seemed at the time it ended up working out to be not so bad with all my skate friends coming to the CH park from out west, and being able to attempt to make photographs there... At first i was not getting anything good, until i rigged my own contraption with two flashes, to fill the fisheye frame, mounted with a bracket on each side of my camera, it was tough but eventually i figured it out and got some good stuff there that you can see spread across several of my books, including "DogTown - The Legend of the Z-Boys" and the latest "MY RULES".. I was in 11th grade when i made most of these Cherry Hill images, it took me a bit to dial it in, but eventually produced some classics of Alva, Duane, El Gato, Woodstock, The Bentley Bros, Mike Jeziolowski, Jamie Godfrey, Victor Perez, Brad Bowman, Jay Smith, Steve Alba, Doug DeMontmorency, Shogo Kubo (who ended up living there for a year or so as the park pro), Alan "Ollie" Gelfand, "Papo", Stacy, McGill, and of course this stylish photo of Olson, among others... If i had to finish high school in NJ, this was the time to do it! #SteveOlson #skateboarding #CherryHill #POOLSKATING #1978skateboarderoftheyear #SkateBoarderMagazine #GoldenEra #SantaCruz #punkrock #OG #style #MyRules #GetTheNewBook

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