Friday, January 27, 2023

the complete Minor Threat photographs
of glen E. friedman

Coming October 3rd, 2023 - a new book called JUST A MINOR THREAT - The Minor Threat photographs of glen E. friedman - Link to pre-order direct here, discounted or signed, your choice.
This summer I was asked about what book I was thinking of doing next, I told the well respected friend my options, he insisted I only had once choice and that Minor Threat was it! I made some calls to see if this was OK with all the folks involved (band and book publishers), and as they say “The rest is history”... you'll get the full story another time.

Just know this, I made only around 200 photographs of Minor Threat, less than 6 full rolls of B&W film in total, over a year and a few months, 140 of the images will appear in this book.

There will be essays from Ian F. Svenonius and Zack de la Rocha about Minor Threat, a short introduction from me, and words from other band members on the shows seen in the book they also played at, Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys, Alec MacKaye of the Faith, and Jamie Shanahan of the Mob.

Honestly the book is looking way better than I even imagined it would. Lots of images you've never seen and all of the classics you have. It’s chaotic and awesome, and different from any of the other books i’ve made, (other than it’s cover trim size which is the same as the Fugazi, Black Flag and Together Forever books - they will all sit on the shelf perfectly side by side)

We are still early in the process, test proofing some photos for superior print quality, getting ready for the printing press, but the page layouts and design is done! it's going to be incredible.

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