Thursday, February 18, 2010

1973 Soul Train Line Dance
to The O'Jays "Love Train"

There is very little as cool as this, or as our friends at BoingBoing said:
If this video does not make you measurably happier than before you clicked "play," your heart is a cold, dead wasteland. Update: some commenters believe that the heavy-set fellow in the dashing sweater vest around 1:08 is Fred "Rerun" Berry, who did indeed dance on Soul Train around this time.

and here's a few more incredible moments on the Sou; Train line
Soul Train Line Dance to Aretha Franklin "Rock Steady"
Soul Train LIne Dance to Curtis Mayfield "Get Down"
Soul Train Line to "Ballero" by War
Soul Train Line Dance to Glady's Knight & The Pips
Soul Train Line Dance to Earth Wind & Fire's "Mighty Mighty"


  1. That is definitely Fred Berry. I spent many a Saturday watching Soul Train and many a weekday watching What's Happening?

    It's funny how life changes your perspective. Always love ST as a kid. Still love it. But now that I'm grown and often watch Soul Train clips on YouTube, I'm kind of flabbergasted by how many gay men were dancing on the show. As a kid, I never noticed (even though I instinctively understood that there were some men and women who preferred others of their own sex). As an adult, I realize you can't miss it.

    I'm not making any particular point. I just find it curious.

  2. I spent an hour watching ST music clips while listening to various punk and hardcore bands after I read this post. It was a great time, and the music synced up almost uncannily with the dancer's moves. The angry shouting was a nice juxtaposition to the smiling faces of all the dancers.

  3. the old footage, as I’m a huge fan of Soul Train! I came across this article about MadVision Ent. Group keeping the train rollin’ Long live the ST!