Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Probably the best photo and art book store in New York City

I've known Larry for years, he sets up on the North East corner of Prince and Mercer in Soho, he's been doing it for as long as i could remember.

Even when there were the great "Photographer's Place" and the flagship "Rizzoli" book stores just steps away from his tables, Larry battled them head to head. Often he has the latest titles when everyone else is sold out, or some old editions of books that no one else has had for years, or even signed editions that he usually gets from the artists themselves (like me), or who happen to be fans and sign when they walk by, as many do. I know all this because i've bought books from Larry, hang out with him on the corner down there on occasion to talk shop, and I've sold him my books to sell too (he tells me Fuck You Heroes is one of his all time most consistent sellers!). He's good, he knows his stuff, and he's always giving customers a good deal. If you're ever looking for any photo or art books and you happen to be in New York City look him up. But don't ask my man to unwrap the cellophane if you're not really interested in buying, he'll show you, if you might, but if your just looking with no real intent to buy, please keep walking.

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  1. wish i could go there some day .....
    cheers from argentina