Friday, March 1, 2013

Noam Chomsky "The Common Good"
(Feb 2013) FULL speech

My friend Theo Constantinou (I first met him a couple of years ago when he interviewed me for his great on-line magazine, he's done a lot of really cool interviews worth reading or watching), from Paradigm Magazine is going to interview, one of my personal heroes, Noam Chomsky this afternoon up in Boston.

As soon as he told me he finally got the time with Noam, I asked if I could come along and make some photographs. He said he'd call the office and see if it was cool. Few days later he called me back and let me know all was go, so we're headed up on the train today.

I'm a bit nervous. I've never met Noam, never even seen him speak live, and I'm really excited. I hope the camera works and the film ain't bad...

I think this is a similar situation as we'll be in tomorrow, (half hour in his office):

Here's a speech Mr. Chomsky gave just a few weeks ago:

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