Thursday, March 7, 2013

Some cool stuff from up in my archive...

An Original Cadillac Wheel.

My original multicolored Z-Flex (One of only eight made in the very first multi-colred batch, probably the only one that still exists. - I got Bobby Piercy riding it in my first center-spread in SkateBoarder magazine back in 1977).

Test Pressing of Black Flag's Six Pack 7" with hand drawn art
on the b-side by Chuck Dukowski.

Punched out record label from the very first pressing of Black Flag's DAMAGED LP, all of which had to be recycled since they changed the version (and time) of Rise Above after the labels were made and some of the records were already pressed up.

My backstage pass from Run-DMC's Raising Hell tour,
the night of the infamous riot at the Long Beach Auditorium Convention Center,
that forever changed security at hip-hop shows and got Rap shows banned

Remember "Long boxes"?

(click on any of the images to see them bigger)

Special thanks to "King James" Cassimus, for shooting all this stuff and about 100 more items for me last month.

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