Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Go-Go's July 1981
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The GO-GO's Beauty and The Beat record release (July 1981), and fan signing at Licorice Pizza on the Sunset Strip across the street from the Whiskey. (I really have no idea why i went and took this photo, but guessing it was probably for a SkateBoarder's ACTION NOW magazine feature or something like that)... Nah, most didn't consider them a punk band any longer by this point, but it was clearly where there roots were. Did you know Belinda was actually the GERMS first drummer? (I think thats the story)... I saw them at several Punk shows way back before they had a record out, even got in a fight at one and remember being thrown out into the alley behind the Whisky after getting in one good last punch, while the fucking GO-GOs were on stage, imagine that! #theGoGos #punk #girlsinpunk #womeninpunk #feminism #groundbreaking #girlband #hollywood #5piece #thefewtheproud #beautyandthebe Kathy Valentine on Facebook: #TBT July 1981 --This is taken at the very first in-store appearance The Go-Go's made, at Licorice Pizza on the corner of Sunset and San Vicente. Any old timers remember that record store? What's interesting about it is that this was one of the most exciting days of my life, and how I screwed it up so stupidly. Here's the story, read it and judge accordingly, ha : ) It was exciting, because, well, look at the background!! The very first album I'd ever recorded, and we were invited to do a record signing at a Sunset Strip record store. This was a long way from Texas, and exactly the sort of thing I'd dreamed of happening. The night before, we played a sold out show at the Palladium, with the Rockats opening. It was the biggest show we'd played, sold out, and I was so HIGH with the absolute thrill of everything that was going on. I took that high, and went to a party after the show in Laurel Canyon--it was actually where Charlotte was living with Peter Case, from the Plimsouls. Someone there asked if I wanted to take some LSD--something I hadn't done since junior high. Sure, why not? I thought, tipsy and on top of the world. MISTAKE. GIANT MISTAKE. (Go to her FB to read the rest)

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