Friday, February 27, 2009

Watching copyright infringement is a bitch!

I was only last month considering publishing my MY RULES photozine (that i self published in 1982) electronically as a PDF since its been out of print for many years, and to have it for sale on for like a dollar or two. Then today I get this blog link forwarded to me and someone has just posted it on this electronic publishing storage website. As long as no one is profiting i don't really mind, but it's just kind of crazy. Lets see how long it stays up... The pages will turn on their own every 6 seconds, or click on the right or left edge to make it turn the pages. (note they are a bit out of order).
UPDATE: The on-line down load of the entire .pdf was removed within hours of this posting and the ability to view the pdf without download was removed by monday morning, but for some reason our linked version here above is still working (and I ain't mad at that).


  1. The truth is the best picture, the best propaganda.

  2. Glen!

    I have been a fan for years but never had the chance to say hello!
    Thanks for all the amazing work and inspiration over the years!
    Any Events in the LA area coming up for your work ?