Wednesday, November 18, 2009


On sale at OBEY GIANT sometime on Thursday, Edition of 450, sold at random, limit 1 per household, Signed and numbered by Jim Muir, Shepard Fairey and myself.

It's been a long time in the making, since my old good friend, original Z-Boy, "Red Dog" nearly killed himself in a surfing accident earlier in the year. Here's what happened. There was a benefit auction back in August, unfortunately we were not able to get this poster together in time, but here it finally is, as well there will be a one off fine art piece done by Shepard to be sold to the highest bidder at his next gallery exhibition, where 100% of the proceeds will go to Jim. For now we've got these great posters, which I've got to say is probably my favorite collaboration we've done to date (the others of Public Enemy, Tony Alva, and the Bad Brains, were great no doubt, but i feel this is the most beautiful of them all).

I first mentioned Jim's injuries and beginning recovery here in April. His injuries include two crushed vertebrae, C6 and C7, and a fracture to C5. On March 15th he underwent emergency surgery to fuse C6 and C7 vertebrae with a spacer, cadaver bone, two titanium straps and four screws.

Good news is his recovery is going along fantastically. Although he's getting around now he still can not go back to work yet, so the help we know is appreciated.

This is the last collaboration of the year for Shepard Fairy and I (after this we only have one "planned" for June 2010 and one for February 2011).

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  1. Good on ya, Glen!! I see Jim periodically at the home break. He's slowly getting back in the water (although he can't surf a traditional board yet). He's looking pretty good. I think people who don't know of his injury wouldn't immediately be able to see that he's had some medical issues. However, if you look closely and watch him, the signs are there. Nevertheless, he's got a great attitude and he's been nothing but gracious to me when I've seen him in the parking lot at the home break.