Friday, February 11, 2011

My Latest Collaboration with Shepard
to celebrate Henry's 50th!

More than a year ago when Shepard Fairey and I were discussing some possible future collaborations, I came up with the idea of doing this one to celebrate, what would be, Henry's monumental 50th birthday. The quintessential punk Renaissance man, friend, and inspiration to many. It was easy for him to agree, Rollins through one of my classic photographs would be a great subject.

His actual birthday is 2.13.61, as is the name of his publishing company (who were the first to distribute my book FUCK YOU HEROES).

Henry is doing a special tour to celebrate as well. Go here to check for dates, he'll be in New York City tonight and tomorrow (i'll be there!), and in his original hometown of Washington DC on the 13th.

This limited edition collaborative poster, signed by Henry, Shepard, and myself, will be made available on his birthday, at the Obey Giant web site. They usually sell out pretty quick, so good luck grabbing one if you're interested.

Here's the original photo that appeared in my book FUCK YOU TOO.

Hank signing'em up

here's Henry speaking on WNYC about his 50th:


  1. i have been a long time fan and picked up the Fuck You Heroes book at the SF show. Fucken great and inspirational! I took the time to develop a playlist from the book, the premise was something like this:

    This playlist was inspired by Fuck You Heroes by Glen E. Friedman Photographs 1976-1991. The premise is that I wanted to capture this books attitude with music. I went through the book (from the beginning) and each photo that had a musician, now has has some music representing that picture in this playlist (i realize some of the skaters had bands themselves). I made an attempt to match the years of music with the year that the pic was taken. This takes us through about half of the book, or the Spring of 1982.
    Check the playlist here

    Get the book at

  2. that's cool, did you notice that in the index i already have a song for almost every picture of a musician? the songs that helped inspire the images (all the songs written before or about the same time as the photo, never after).