Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Louder Than A Bomb"
A documentary film by Greg Jacobs and Jon Siskel

Louder Than a Bomb tells the story of four Chicago high school poetry teams as they prepare for and compete in the world's largest youth slam. By turns hopeful and heartbreaking, the film captures the tempestuous lives of these unforgettable kids, exploring the ways writing shapes their world, and vice versa. While the topics they tackle are often deeply personal, what they put into their poems—and what they get out of them—is universal: the defining work of finding one's voice.

Although these SLAM competition films seem to be all over the place, this one looks really cool. Look for it!

New York City, NY Now Showing — IFC Center
Columbus, OH Now Showing — Drexel Theatre
Chicago, IL May 20-26 — Gene Siskel Film Center
Boston, MA Opens June 3 — Coolidge Corner Theatre
Palm Springs, CA Opens June 3 — Camelot Theaters
Amherst, MA Opens June 3 — Amherst Cinema
Washington, D.C. Opens June 10 — The West End Cinema
Portland, OR Opens June 10 — Living Room Theatres
Lake Worth, FL Opens June 10 — Lake Worth Playhouse
Corvallis, OR Opens July 17 — Darkside Cinema
Salem, MA Opens July 29 — CinemaSalem

Thanks, Jen Z

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