Sunday, September 11, 2011

Special 9/11 "Sunday Sermon"

from DangerousMinds:

Australian TV gameshow The Gruen Transfer brings together competing advertising agencies and pits them against each other in an almost American Idol-type scenario. A segment called “The Pitch” gives them a subject like “Child labor should come back” or a similarly controversial topic and asks them to come up with a 30-second spot meant to promote it. A panel of advertising industry experts judges the ads.

In the four years of the program, the only subject they had agencies actually decline to compete on was “Banning religion is a good idea.”

However, two agencies took the challenge and the results were pretty amazing (especially the first one, IMHO). Can you imagine something like this on American TV???

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    We're from Loud and Clear, the creative agency in Melbourne that produced the first ad. We just wanted to say hi and thanks for featuring our work.


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