Thursday, October 27, 2011

Slimy Grinning Scum Piece of Shit, Guilty As Fuck, Conservative "film maker" Passes Out Bongs To Occupy Wall Street Protesters to Discredit Movement

from MEDIAite
Conservative filmmaker Evan Coyne Maloney was spotted at Occupy Wall Street allegedly passing out bongs and Che Guevara rolling papers to demonstrators.

Video blogger Joey Boots caught Maloney purportedly distributing the drug paraphernalia at the demonstration and interrogated him about what he was doing with the items. “Do you have bongs and marijuana leaf pictures and stickers and Che Guevara?” Boots grilled Maloney. “Are you giving it out? Do you have it in that backpack?”

“Over there they gave out bongs,” exclaimed an Occupy Wall Street protester. “He’s like, ‘You answer, here’s a bong.’ Trying to get that one shot. All they had was bongs, peace signs with marijuana and Che Guevara rolling papers. Three things when Fox News gets it, they’ll just clip that then it’s just like protesters accept it.”

“Are we going to expect to see those pictures on Fox News?” Boots yelled out.

“I don’t know if they’ll pick it up, maybe you’ll see it on CNN,” responded the rabble-rousing conservative filmmaker. “I’m giving them away because I’m a nice guy and I like giving stuff away.”

Maloney is most notable for producing the James O’Keefe-esque documentary Indoctrinate U about political correctness at American universities.

Watch Maloney get caught on tape apparently trying to punk protesters below, via

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