Friday, February 10, 2012

Anarchy in the Magic Kingdom: Crass/Mickey Mouse tee-shirt hack!

from DangerousMinds:

It appears that someone is having a little fun with the whole “sacrilegious” Disney/Joy Divison tee-shirt controversy...

Some crafty anarcho-inspired culture hackers have made their own Crass/Mickey Mouse mash-up tees and discretely deposited them neatly folded in Disney boutiques. Unsuspecting shoppers will either be baffled or delighted by their DIY creation.

Me, I’m delighted! I need one of these! Now, I’ve got… Mickey envy.

1 comment:

  1. Unreal !!! Funny thing is, back in the day I did tend to dismiss them as a tad, well, crass and pretentious . . . however, I reckon their mischievious subversive approach is only reaching its zenith over the last ten and fifteen years, great post GEF . . . fight the Mouse . . . you gotta fight the Mouse that be !