Friday, February 22, 2013

Ansel Adams - An Educational Film

An incredible testament to the time and the man who I've never seen like this until now.

Ansel Adams, Photographer (1957) - Records the life and work of Ansel Adams. Dwells on his equipment, home, interests, and his attitude toward art, photography and life.

Larry Dawson Productions, San Francisco.; International Film Bureau.
Director and photographer, David Myers; script, Nancy Newhall; commentator, Beaumont Newhall; music Don Worth.

This film was copyrighted in 1957 and was not renewed. In the U.S. films copyrighted between 1923 to 1963 are in the public domain if copyright is not renewed.

A/V Geeks' Skip Elsheimer has rescued more than 24,000 16mm educational films from landfills, dumpsters, basements and school libraries. He spent most of the nineties collecting film from school and government auctions. Skip shows the films "every chance I get and have planned various projects, to exploit their hidden celluloid riches. The (A/V Geeks at web site is a virtual home of a very big collection."

Some of these important cultural artifacts have not been seen in over 80 years. All of these gems in the A.V Geeks archive can provide an entertaining and insightful glimpse into our past. At the time of this writing 8/12, over 700 films and videos can be watched and downloaded:

Tumblr feed of all the films they've digitized thus far:

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DEVELOP Tube Photography Video Channel is an educational resource which features interviews, profiles, lectures and films about photojournalism, fine art and documentary photography.
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  1. He sure carried a fuckload of gear in that "ancient limousine".