Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gordon Willis
A Peek Into the Soul of the Great Cinematographer

By Jeff Glickman

Gordon Willis is regarded by all of his peers as one of the greatest cinematographers in the history of film, and for many as the greatest of all time, period.

Meeting with him only served to have him rise in our esteem. Without wanting to use hyperbole, between lensing “The Godfather’ trilogy, many of Woody Allen’s best films (including “Annie Hall," “Manhattan," “Stardust Memories," “Interiors” and others) and several master thrillers for Alan J. Pakula (“All the President’s Men," “Klute," “The Parallax View," “The Devil’s Own” and others), Gordon Willis practically single-handedly reinvented the craft of cinematography and the nature by which films were and are composed, lit, and executed.

He has left an indelible mark on the craft of filmmaking, and we are delighted to present him in a two-part interview here. We hope you enjoy a small window into a great man’s achievements and approach.

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