Thursday, February 27, 2014

hot outa the 80's you never heard
Z-3 MC's - Triple Threat - Beat Box Convention

This shit was deep kids...


Word of Mouth and DJ Cheese big track was "King Kut" which is part of the long history of basing songs around how great your deejay is.

The song features several recognizable samples and DJ Cheese definitely takes over the track. He won the World Mixing Championships in 1986. "Coast to Coast" was also a well known single.DJ Cheese was originally from West Virginia, but moved to Plainfield, New Jersey to perfect his deejay skills. He debuted on the Z-3 MC's only recording in 1985, produced by Duke Bootee.The Word of Mouth MC's were also from Elizabeth, New Jersey.They were produced by Duke Bootee of Sugarhill fame.DJ Cheese (born Plainfield, New Jersey) was the first DJ(USA) to win DMC mixing championship DJs and appeared in the UK tour with Run-DMC.

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