Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I had a quick shoot with 'Nadya' and 'Masha' of PUSSY RIOT over the weekend.

After many phone calls, e-mails, and connections worn out, I finally had an opportunity to get a few minutes with Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina, two members of Pussy Riot, between their busy schedule, while they were here in NYC on their way to California.

I was hoping to get one last shot for my next book. I wasn't able to get the balaclava image i was hoping for, but got a couple of good ones (probably even better since I could actually see their faces), and had a nice time talking with 'Masha' and 'Nadya' about film, vegetarianism, and what happened to them at the Olympics. We got to shoot about half a roll of film (I let my son finish the roll on our way to school monday) and a couple of snaps with my digital point and shoot as well. I think i got one for the book, but you'll have to wait and see that one in September. Here are a few of the cool left overs:

checkout out their channel on YouTube Гараджа Матвеева

p.s. one of my sons' photos from the last half of the roll...

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