Friday, May 23, 2014

Ian and I working on a document

A few months ago Ian came up with this great idea to film him and I talking about some of the stories behind the pictures, that most people (if any) have never heard, and that he even wanted to hear from me. I also thought it could be a nice accompaniment to the new book I am working on, since in the book itself the captions are kept to a minimum.

I mentioned it to my film maker friend Eric Matthies and he thought it was a great idea and was happy to make the project a reality for us. So a few weeks ago we finally were able to make it down to DC at the same time and shoot the raw conversation. We had a really great time and spent an entire afternoon mulling over nearly every image in the book.

Eric's been working on various other projects since, but in the mean time he just sent over two still 35mm film pictures he took, of Ian and I talking over the pages, and one out in front of Dischord House.

I'll be sure to post what ever comes of this as soon as it's done, should be cool.


Eric's pic's above and below:

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