Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A skateboarding spectacle

from Vimeo's staff blog:

Cy Kuckenbaker makes documentary videos that seem downright impossible. His latest, created in collaboration with Vimeo (that's us!) and a company you may have heard of called Microsoft, takes skateboarding as its subject matter.

The scene is familiar: there's sun, concrete, and California vibes. But the uncanny choreography of grinds, airs, and flips will have you questioning the signals that your eyes send to your brain.

As you may have suspected, Cy didn't use magic to create these incredibly intertwined moving images. Rather he employed a time-collapse filmmaking technique that requires careful camerawork, painstaking editing, and pure patience to pull off convincingly. And for this video, he shot all the footage on a Nokia Lumia 930 smartphone, which makes the result all the more impressive.

Learn how Cy made this skateboarding spectacle and see what drives him to create in this behind-the-scenes video:

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  1. Amazing! Another example of a skate creation pushing the envelope of creativity in general.