Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Classic Fugazi clips
Dupont Circle Washington DC 1989

I love these clips! Only saw them for the first time last week. I was taking photographs most of the show up front, and there's a spread from there in my Fugazi book Keep Your Eyes Open and a couple in Fuck You Heroes and My Rules as well, Same day we made the photograph that appeared on the back cover of REPEATER.

See bottom of post for even MORE footage - unedited/higher quality...

Here's some of my photos taken this day:

a bit of an interview after too:

check out the entire video made from the day here from the Independent Video Archive: event starts at around the 32 minute mark and Fugazi takes the stage at around 42 minutes and there's a little more than 20 minutes of footage (they did not film the entire show, but there's another 10 minutes not seen above of just great footage with crazy sound):

Thanks Ian!

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  1. That quality is excellent in that Media Burn footage. Almost feels like you're there. What a great site too. A lot of amazing footage from Chicago too where I'm from. Keep up the great posts Glen!