Friday, September 11, 2015

Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers •

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1:57 Blackwater Security is the largest security firm in Iraq, with more than three hundred working and risk taking employees.

Meet Jerry Zovko, one of the four blackwater agents who died in an under armored and under guarded patrol vehicle in Falluja, one of the most dangerous cities in the region at the time.

7:49 Blackwater Security pulls at all its political strings in order to avoid retribution for the very much avoidable Felluja deaths. Preventing investigations, and changing opinions.

13:30 Private organizations in Iraq continue to abuse their power, hurting and destroying the lives of prisoners and citizens alike, but not without making a killing in profits.

21:16 Private organizations pay more than the US military, promising “minimal supervision”.

26:06 Corporate greed strikes again. TITAN Services, the lead provider of linguists for America’s Iraq operation hired untrained translators from unreliable backgrounds -making TITAN indirectly responsible for countless avoidable deaths.

28:47 United States turns a convenient blind eye to the continued abuse and killing of Iraqi civilians by US private contractors.

33:50 Private contractors are taking the work–and by extension experience– of trained soldiers. So why are they being denied the training and equipment they need to stay alive and safe?

42:00 Seven people were killed in an attack on a Halliburton fuel convoy. A convoy that had been cleared for transport across a no-drive zone. Is that how KBR values human life?

48:17 Halliburton continues to skimp on health requirements, supplying the it’s men and women with contaminated water, and snuffing out all the attempts that have been made to warn those at risk of infection.

52:22 Halliburton skimps on necessary safety and sanitation measures for its troops while massively overcharging them, and by extension the U.S Government.

55:02 How does Halliburton legally steal from the american government and american citizens? By wasting our money in huge amounts, burning expensive equipment, vehicles and even oil in front of Iraqi citizens.

1:01:48 It has been proven that Halliburton steals huge amounts of money from the U.S, so why haven’t we taken action?

1:06:15 Even today, 12 years after the withdrawal of troops and the end of the Iraq war, war profiteers still exist, and they will not go down without a fight. They have money, power and influence.
If we want change, it’s going to take more than just awareness, it’s going to take action.


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