Thursday, February 18, 2016

Shepard Fairey goes out on a limb, once again, to support a major candidate for President of the United States of America

My good friend Shepard just announced on the internet several hours ago:
Bernie Sanders is the real deal and I feel it’s important for me to voice my support for his bid for President. I think he’s the candidate who will look out for the interest of average Americans and the candidate who to me embodies the principles of justice, equality, liberty, and access to the American Dream. I designed these t-shirts based off what I created for the chilipeppers fundraiser concert, and I’m happy these will help to fund Bernie’s campaign since he absolutely does not take money from corporations or Super PACs. Bernie needs help from people like you and me and I think he’ll look out for the needs of people like you and me. Pick up a t-shirt and help support Bernie Sanders! - Shepard

get it here in BLACK:

or here in WHITE:

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