Sunday, March 13, 2016

Shogo Kubo from my Instagram

SHOGO KUBO 1978 West Los Angeles at a place that got called The Krypto Bowl. This backyard pool was a bust but somehow we managed a couple of amazing sessions here. I invited the main promo rep D. David from Kryptonics to come get a taste of what a real DogTown session was like, of course he had wheels flowing and even some prototype boards for people to try out, in fact when i think about it, I don't think more than a few photos exist from this pool where someone isn't riding Krypto's, they were dominating at that moment in time (most notable though i must say was Jimmy Plumer blazing on his Z-Wheels). Anyway look in the background, there's a heavy session going down. One of my most famous photos of Jay Adams was from this day where he's knocking the coping out of its place, in fact look at the cinder blocks on top of the coping, in this photo, to try and hold it in place while these motherfuckers were just pulverizing it... Jim Muir, Marty Grimes, Jay, Shogo, Mike Szeliga, Moses Padilla, Wes Humpston, and more, it was a heavy duty afternoon, before we knew the owners would be home from work... This photo is from my book "DOGTOWN - The Legend of The Z-BOYS" co-authored with CR Stecyk lll .. A must have. This is one of many moments that reminds me why i am putting Shogo's name up for nomination into "The Skateboarding Hall Of Fame" for this year. Fact is Shogo was one of the only ORIGINAL Z-Boys to keep skating competitively into the late 70's and his style was the basis for those like Ray Bones, Stevie Caballero, and most obviously his grom imitator Christian Hosoi ... SHOGO KUBO R.I.P. #shogokubo #jayadams #kryptonics @christianhosoi @steviecab @raybonesr @jboyadams #backyardpool #poolsiswhereitsat #bluetileobsession #coping #zflex #DogTown @dogtownskate @jimreddogmuir @crstecykiii #skateboarding #oldschool #1978 #ripShogo @skateboardinghalloffame #ShogoKuboAppreciationSociety #radical #gnarly #halloffame2016

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  1. Sweet. I heard about that place. Shogo was a really cool guy. RIP Shogo

    Stevie Metz