Friday, June 3, 2016

O.G. DOGTOWN SKATE on my instagram

Jim "RED DOG" Muir, original Zephyr Team rider and then later co-founder of DOGTOWN SKATES. Made this photograph at RESEDA SKATERCROSS, early 1976, night time available light pushing the film to the max, hence the blurriness. A classic frontside one wheeler with STYLE riding one of the very first DOGTOWN Skates ever made, in fact this one and only a few others had the cross burnt directly into the wood. Jim also the older brother of Mike who later formed Suicidal Tendencies, and only recently joined forces as DogTown/Suicidal Skates. jim has always been a great dude, and i was honored to be the one to induct him into the International Skateboarding Hall of Fame a few years back. I know Jim since i was probably 12 or 13 years old, and made this photo with the screw on fish-eye when i was probably 15. Oh, i forgot to mention my friend Mike Szeliga and I probably took the RTD bus out there from Westwood... Craziness... And this photograph appears huge in the MY RULES book! #DogTown #skateboarding #zboys #zephyr #dogtownskates #thedreddedVal #suicidal #woodburner #lifer #OG #SantaMonica #Venice #WLA #SMC #OldSchool #MyRules #GetTheNewBook

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  1. You sure about that date? I remember going there when it first opened (before the big ramp was built at the start) and it would have been late '77 at the earliest, but more probably spring or summer '78. And wouldn't you be 15 in '78? I think you were in my class at Revere, so we should be the same age.

    1. Adding... it opened in feb '77, so my memory sux too

    2. i turned 15 in 77, no way this was 78, summer 77 people were riding Kryptos, there are lots between Road Riders (what Jim is riding) Tunnel Rocks, PowerFlex 5's etc. . .

  2. haaa, it was a the pre opening, not officially opened yet, and certainly before the ramp... the ROAD RIDER wheels and Bennett trucks tells me 76 late, not early i guess, maybe early 77 but I doubt it... but i'm not 100% either - thanks for chiming in y'all