Friday, March 24, 2017

Angelica Kitchen
over 40 years in business closing doors, April 7th.

Angelica's has been a staple in the vegan world for as long as I can remember, and I have always enjoyed this place. The original ORGANIC VEGAN restaurant known the world over. I've met people there who have become best friends, countless business meals, when there was no other place like it, to it becoming imitated ruthlessly. Leslie (the owner) did a great thing for the world and set an example ethically on how the food business can be run. Kudos.

I will go a few more times before they close. For some reason tonight my Dragon Bowl seemed a little better than ever. I'm already missing the place...

A surprise to all, even the current staff, until the opening yesterday.

The Sign was just put out this afternoon.

The takeout where so many cool folks have worked, and countless times I have eaten at the counter, met new friends, and freaks I hope never to run into again. I gotta admit I always had some pitty for the staff having to deal with all the OG picky health nuts, WAAAAAY worse than me ;-)

get their COOK BOOK HERE.

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