Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Run-DMC and Beastie Boys
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TOGETHER FOREVER RUN-DMC & BEASTIE BOYS We made this photograph on the stoop next to the RUSH Productions / DEF JAM Recordings building where the EXRTRA STRENGTH POSSE resided, where it all began, 298 Elizabeth St. NYC circa 1987 DEF JAM was on top of the music world, on top of culture, on top of the scene in NYC at this time, it was incredible. A lot of people learned a lot of things during this era, including myself, that propelled lives into other stratospheres Run-DMC and Beastie Boys touring together and feeding off of each others energy and creativity was a landmark moment in the culture as well. I made a ton of great photos of both of these great groups... was thinking in the next year or so may put together a book of all my best photographs of both groups in one volume, similar to my book "Keep Your Eyes Open" my photographs of FUGAZI from start to the last show on US soil. There are already a ton of photos of both these groups in MY RULES, in fact maybe too many... so yeah, this might happen, and maybe this is an image in contention for the cover... we shall see 👀. #RUSH #DEFJAM #HIPHOP #NYC #80s #NewBook #inspiration #rundmc #djhurricane #beastieboys #beasties #adrock #mikeD #MCA #RIPMCA #SKATEBOARD @revwon @unclerush @beastieboys__ @djhurricane1 @ChrisRock @RizzoliBooks @lyorcohen @danteross @mrchuckd_pe #whoshouse #runshouse

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