Tuesday, September 12, 2017

the MAKE-UP on my Instagram from 1997
and this past weekend

the MAKE-UP ... circa 1997 ... i believe this was the last time we made a band portrait, it was over by the dilapidated docks along the Hudson River. They were one of my favorite live bands of that era. Ian Svenonius is and was one of the most incredible live performers there is, and he's an actual genius. His own books are beyond entertaining and enlightening. He has contributed words to several of my books, RECOGNIZE, THE IDEALIST, and most notably KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN - the book of my FUGAZI photographs, has an incredible take on FUGAZI written by him. He's simply one of my favorite people around. Last night the MAKE-UP played a reunion show here in NYC down at the South Street Seaport where they headlined a day long free festival with none other than the fantastic Jonathan Toubin DJing (hands down my favorite DJ to go listen to) @JonathanToubin (he actually curated the entire days events)... Anyway, the Make-Up were great and if you were ever a fan i highly recommend you seek out and go to one of there upcoming west coast and desert shows they got scheduled (and if you were not cool enough or old enough to know about them or Ian but curious now, MAKE THE EFFORT and go). As much as i am embarrassed to make a picture with my iPod at a show, and I can't stand making photos with not only the usual iPhones all over the place but even a dozen regular camera photographers shooting, the scene was just so photogenic last night i had to make a few... so if you swipe you can see one of those and a snippet of video. I had a blast. #punk #livemusic #rockNroll #IanFSvenonius #MakeUp #ChainAndTheGang #TheSpiv #MichelleMae #WomenWhoRock #LookSharp #NOU #NationOfUlysses #GospelYeahYeah @chainandthegang @dischordrecords #FILM #Photography #B&W #PunkRockAndRoll #Performance #genius #CensorshipNow

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