Sunday, October 22, 2017

Barry White and the Atlantics
"Tracy (All I Have Is Yours)" (Faro, 1963)
Jonathan Toubin's NY Night Train Party Platter

Today's YouTube party platter is by Barry White! Yes that Barry White! And The Atlantics! No, not that Atlantics of "Beaver Shot" fame, etc! But rather another East L.A. group recording under the same name for Eddie Davis' amazing imprints around the same time. And while you can pick out the distinctive baritone of the young fresh prince of pillow talk on doo wop records dating back to the mid-1950s with Jesse Belvin, The Upfronts, The Majestics, and then The Atlantics, this is the first release under his name... And its a killer diller top-shelf classic of the first order! It bashes right into a descending "Hit The Road Jack" rhythm and pushes hard and heavy while White sings all above below and all around the beat - letting the whole world know that he was a first class soul man from the moment he popped out of the gate. Also cool backing vocals, drum breaks, and the punchier side of the raw production magic you'd expect from a Faro/Rampart platter! I have love unlimited this platter and darling I can't get enough... "Tracy (All I Have Is You)".... Feel it!

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