Thursday, April 16, 2009

Black Flag at the Ukrainian Hall in L.A. December 1982

Above is a rarely if ever seen photo of mine from sound check taken in B&W. Below some video (with pretty horrible sound) I found on YouTube from the same nights show, I think this song is the 1st song of the encore (and i think that's me going off behind the drummer like a crazy person after i finished shooting that night.)

And below one of the great shots I got that night that I used in The Idealist (another photo from this show is on the cover of Fuck You Heroes.)


  1. Hi, Glen! First of all, sorry for my terrible english. Also, sorry, but I did not find an email on your site Burning Flags, so I am sending this message here

    I admire your work a lot. There is no doubt that you are the photographer of his era.

    At the same time, i'm a Dogtown and Suicidal Tendencies huge fan. I watched de Stacy Peralta documentary several times.

    I live in Brasil and have 30 years. In the next year, I want to go to California.

    You might suggest some places of Suicidal Tendencies and Dogtown history and I visit? Nobody in the world is better thanr you to do this

    For example, where is the location of the photo on the cover of the first disc of Suicidal? Where is the location of classic Dogtown swimming pool?

    Will be normal if these specific places don't exist anymore. But, despite this, i still want to go at these areas.

    I'm will be very grateful if you answer my email.

    Hugs from Brasil
    André Pugliesi

    my email is

    ps: this was the only email contact I found on Burning Flags page. Sorry if not the most appropriate.

  2. Andre, if you look closely at the Dogtown documentary you can take down names of those cool school yard banks and find them easily, Paul Revere (one of the best) is still ridable since it was re-paved back in 2002 (I've rode there several times when out there visiting in recent years), the others have been mostly redesigned and planted with grass, bushes or trees, but you can still visit the locations.

    The original Dogbowl and the house that is was beside were only recently torn down, but if you want to get an idea of the area where it was, go to San Vicente and 16th street, there was a long drive way that you entered on San Vicente between two other houses (on the north side of the street), but the actual property was set back a hundred feet or so off the street behind the other houses, it was a huge property.

    As far as the location of the Suicidal's hanging upside down on the original album cover, that was at the beach in Playa Del Rey, just south of Venice not far from the airport.

    The original Zephyr shop was made a historical landmark by the city of Santa Monica, even though the original shop is not there, you can go by Horizon's West which stands in it's place and is several times larger, but that corner on Main and Bay in Santa Monica is the O.G. spot, they still sell Jeff Ho's Zephyr shirts and other Dogtown related stuff.