Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Earth Day documentary special

To me earth day is everyday, but most people rarely think about it, so to pick one day out of the year to make a point of examining the environmental situation of our species is better than no day at all. Even Oprah hosted a show that freaked people out who don't know any better. I got this Documentary forwarded to me on Earthday last week, and now that the media day hoopla has settled, let me throw it at you. Worth watching even if you're already down for the cause, and especially if you're not.


Blind Spot is a documentary that illustrates the current energy crisis that our way of life is facing. Whatever the measures of greed, wishful thinking, neglect or ignorance, we have put ourselves at a crossroad which offers two paths, both with dire consequences. If we continue to burn fossil fuels we will choke the life out of the planet and if we don't our way of life will collapse.

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