Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tracy Morgan keeps it TV real

I must admit that besides the Daily Show there are only two other programs i watch religiously on network TV, and one of them is 30 ROCK, it's hilarious, the acting and writing is up there as far as quality is concerned, only Seinfeld in it's heyday compares. Anyway here's one of the show's funniest actors Tracy Morgan on a Chicago morning news show being interviewed back in 2007. This makes it look as though his character on the show isn't such a stretch for him.

There have been too many instances to count over the show's three-season run where Tina Fey has inserted real-life elements into the show... To that end, TV Squad is reporting that the show's April 23 episode will incorporate one of the more legendary Tracy Morgan outbursts [see above] into its story line.


  1. Tracy Morgan is great. I've seen this clip before and a couple others. Of course many people can't figure him out, so they chock it up to drugs and alcohol. I don't know. I just find him to be funny. Some of his greatest moments are when he did the phone calls for Crank Yankers as Spoonie Love. Check those out.

  2. I too have no time for 99.9% of what TV offers, except HBO, Showtime, Logo (Big Love (astounding writing and acting), Tudors (why oh why do they insist on making EVERYTHING UP; hardly one historically accurate person nor event), L Word repeats (silly soap opera)] but been addicted to 30 Rock since it first aired. Not a fan of SNL, so this was all new. Alec Baldwin is a comic revelation and Tina Fey is a genius. No time to research how much is based on reality, but not surprised. You know show peeps are quite often waaaay out there. I weaned myself from Jon Stewart and Colbert. Love them, but I gotta work. Thanks for the clip.