Friday, May 27, 2016

LL Cool J freestyle @ After Midnight in Philly (1985)
Killin' It!

you can't front on this:

from the YouTube uploader :
Say what you will about crossover TV/ Movie star/ Mr. Hey Lover, LL Cool J. Just don't forget to mention that the man was a rap beast in the days of real rap... Energy for days! Originally recorded live from After Midnight in Philly. This is from Lady B's Street Beat radio show circa 1985 on Power 99 FM. "...On Sunday afternoons from one to five/ She's the lady with the juice that's kickin it live...Street Beat Lady B". 'Nuff Respect!

Besides that they use a bunch of my photos in this lo-res clip, here's a great photograph that appears in my MY RULES book and one at the top of this post that didn't make the cut, both from the same roll of film around the same time as this 'freestyle'.

BONUS: from The Roxy Live , 80's sometime:

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