Friday, May 20, 2016

The inside story of when Run‑DMC met Aerosmith

My photograph of RUN-DMC was used for the cover of this epic single.

It was the first "picture sleeve" single they at "Profile records" ever did, before that they had only used generic label sleeves. I was offered $100, this is all we're willing to spend they said, and told me, "If you don't give it to us to use for $100, we'll just stick with the generic cover..." so I gave in, just wanting to be a part of a record of two great groups that i was into in their early years.

Run, himself, to his credit, when he heard of my generosity, took four hundred dollar bills out of his pocket from his wad of cash and said "Thank you Glen, here's my contribution and thanks" ... for dealing with those assholes at the label...

The Washington post ran a great story on the recording, check it out here:
The inside story of when Run‑DMC met Aerosmith and changed music forever

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