Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fired Up and Ready to Go ?

Obama will address Congress and the American people on Wednesday.

In order for Americans to get the healthcare we all deserve, Barack Obama the POTUS, needs to take it to the scum bags on the right Wednesday night for real. No holds barred, attack 'em B-Boy style like we know you can and you never have yet. Break 'em off and down like the articulate 1st generation B-Boy we know you are under that nice suit of yours. We voted for you because we had HOPE and because we thought you represented the CHANGE that we so desperately needed. We weren't totally delusional. We knew you were not going to nominate Ralph Nader as a supreme court judge or even put Dennis Kucinich in to head a new "Department of Peace". Not to mention Dr. Cornel West as Secretary of State. Noam Chomsky as your personal advisor, etc., etc., no we didn't expect any of that (although it would have been nice).

But what we did HOPE for was the guy who was cool enough in the primaries to tell us to "Brush your shoulders off" would not let himself get trampled by the "toys" in the last few months. The hypocrisy on the right has once and for all got to be spelled out for what it is, as clear as "La Di Da Di" or any nursery rhyme.

I have been blogging about this health care insanity for months now. And what it means to all of us. And about my wonderful experiences as a foreigner traveling in France, on three separate occasions when family members or myself needed medical attention over there, how I was bewildered at the kindness, understanding, and most of all cost (or lack there of). But the attacks on Obama now and Single Payer idea previously, even by his own administration, have disgusted me. Obama knows "Single Payer" is what this country needs to save lives, communities and our economy. Yeah again "it's the economy stupid." So why not tell it like it is POTUS? Please?

When you are standing in front of both houses making that speech please show America what's really at stake and what's really going on. Take it to them like Olbermann, Maddow, Stewart or even Moore do. There are people in this country that trust Rush, Hannity, O'Reilly, and Beck to guide them, who are uneducated lying hacks at best. It's pathetic we just don't run them back into the ground where they belong once and for all - these guys are the most unpatriotic group of rabble rousers there ever has been. Don't be fooled again. Don't back down Mr. POTUS, Nice Guy, because domestically it has never paid off politically. If we are lucky we get watered down nothingness that insures the unhappiness of all. So why not go for the CHANGE that we elected you to deliver? CHANGE the game, fix this messed up system now! We need it. FOR THE PEOPLE - FOR A CHANGE.

Point out those republicans sitting on their hands in your audience (and those blue dogs too if they don't come around). Call them out! Call them all out one by one if you have to. Discuss the money they take from corporations that keeps them from voting for what the people they represent need. Admit that you too took money from corporations, but you refuse to let that cloud your judgment, and that you are here FOR THE PEOPLE, FOR A CHANGE. This must be our rallying cry! Remind everyone the majority of doctors and nurses in the country would all prefer a single payer plan, and then, on camera, go ONE BY ONE through the elected representatives assembled before you and ask them, Will you stand with me FOR THE PEOPLE, FOR A CHANGE, or not? And you? And you? And you?

This is no joke. This is a call to arms for the people of this country! Not munitions but something way more powerful, a call to think and to have compassion for our fellow Americans, FOR THE PEOPLE - FOR A CHANGE. It's long overdue and it's time has come, step one is with HEALTH CARE FOR ALL, NO ONE LEFT OUT. If you're scared of government health care then you can opt out and go it alone, but a clear majority of this country surely will stand with you Mr. POTUS if you stand up for them. For their good, for the good of the country and even for the world economy. Call 'em out like our lives depend on it, because in fact they may.

thank you.

I wrote the above comment before the great speech Obama made on Labor Day. He said and is asking: are you "Fired up?" and "Ready to go?" He called up "the Lies" and he said some other good stuff, crediting American labor for a lot they deserve, but also left out some enthusiasm for some of the things we do want and I discussed above. Either way I will give him credit for the most energetic domestic speech since he's actually been POTUS, and HOPE this was just him warming up for the real thing on Wednesday.


  1. Hi Glen,

    My wife is now a community organizer for OFA in Silver Lake and we've been fighting the good fight for health care reform. Our group is called "We Are One - Organize For America" and the website is www.waoofa.com. I've been running the twitter account, named @WAOOFA. We are also on facebook.

    We've had a couple panels at the Edendale Grill and my wife is now trying to organize an art auction to raise funds to take out full page newspaper ads targeting certain politicians still sitting on the fence.

    If you have comments or questions you can email my wife Nina at ninagrossman@sbcglobal.net. Thanks for blogging & fighting the good fight too!

    - Tim Warner