Friday, September 4, 2009

Matt Taibbi: Health care "can't be fixed"

Matt Taibbi is hardly what i would consider radical. Fact is he writes for Rolling Stone magazine, so he is mainstream.
I've been seeing him on cable TV for a few years as well, very practical and usually on the side of discussion i would agree with. In this latest issue of RS he's got a really good article on Health Care with some accompaning video too.

Here's the only clip i could find on the same subject that i could embed here, very worth checking out and forwarding. He may seem a bit harsh, but it's the fucking wake up call anyone having second thoughts about health care needs to listen to.


  1. The main issue with that segment is that the talking heads are only concerned that there is any negative criticism of anything about the US govt. It's not rational at all to expect that our govt is perfect, but the flag-waiving shills are definite vocal barriers to getting health care fixed.

  2. How dumb is this woman in green? Who the f**k is she? Oh, she's the representation of the uneducated masses who argue well researched discussion with hyperbole, bluster and selective fact bending. Flag waving shills indeed - Ryen is on the nail here - it's the Glenn Beckism of the argument that sinks it before it can even get wings.
    I've said it here before - time to pack the bugout bag and keep it close at hand. Taibbi's on point, but the folks represented by the hacks on this show will paint him as a radical anti-American pinko.

  3. At least Taibbi got on, that was my point for posting it. SHAME ON THIS COUNTRY if we don't get a social program we all need, SHAME on the ignorant state we're in. SHAME on the motherfucking GREED.